When you are playing a game, it exercises your brain. When you are making a game, it exercises more. Learning by gaming: here are some games i have worked on.

– Alien Rescue
AR LOGOAlien Rescue (AR) is an online problem-based 3D immersive learning environment for sixth grade science, which is created by using React + Firebase + Blender. It combines best practices from educational research with innovative technologies to deliver an engaging learning experience.

I joined Alien Rescue (AR) team as a researcher, programmer, designer since Spring 2013. Although AR is not open for general public, you can still want to check out the period table I created within AR. Download | Trailer

– Trip To China
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.51.57 PMTrip To China is an online Virtual Reality immersive environment for taking a quick adventure to China. It used ThreeJS for developing and was presented at TECA 2016 conference in Austin, Texas with my colleague Jason Harron.

The picture was taken by using RICO THETA while I was visiting my family and attending my sister’s wedding in China, you may wanna use your Google Cardboard or whatever VR headset to have a fully immersive experience. Start the Adventure!


Pivot is a first person control strategy game, which was made during 2014 Rooster Teeth Game JAM (Theme: Sound without sight, sight without sight, btw we won the BEST IN SHOW). It is an open world 3D environment and created in Unity. Player needs to escape from this horrify place by using either sight (firefly) or sound (dog barking). I worked as a UI designer and programmer in the team. PS: you don’t have to be a great programmer to make a great game. Download


– Rascal Roll

Rascal-RollRascal Roll is a multiplayer strategy term based party game, which has three levels in different geometric environment. It is a 3D game created in Unity, and has no educational purpose within the game. I worked as a UI designer and programmer in the team.
Trailer | Play (Keyboard) | Play (Controller)

– Teleport Man 

™Teleport Man is a Rogue-like shooting and running game, which is quite exciting and absolutely has no educational purpose within the game. However, by working as a programmer in the team, i did learn a lot from creating this 2D game with Unity.

Trailer | Play 


– Salamander Rescue

SRSalamander Rescue (SR) teaches 6th grade science students about biology, ecology and the environment, and gives them an opportunity to conduct scientific inquiry and practice problem solving skills in a fun, immersive 3D environment. Much like Alien Rescue (AR), it is non-linear and problem-based: the students solve an ill-defined problem within an open-ended virtual world.

SR was created in Unity in 2013 Spring. I worked as a QA Tester, Designer, Content Consulting in the team. Demo